Robert Weinstock Knives

  ‚ÄčThank you for visiting my site. 

  I have been making knives since 1994. I have always strived to be original and inventive, and use the skills I learned working as a die maker in a jewelry factory for 17 years. I also have a degree in fine art which has helped a great deal. My influences are many and varied. I am constantly looking at nature and architectural and industrial design for ideas. My father was a significant influence for me, as he was an architect.

  I spend a great deal of time drawing and thinking up designs before I commit them to steel. I have been making steel with help from makers like Hank Knickmeyer  and Ed Schempp.

 I enjoy making all kinds of knives, but especially symmetrical and folding daggers. My approach to knife design is not what would be called traditional. I approach them as a sculptural exercise, with function as a secondary factor.